Limited availability for September 2019 – Apply now!

We run nursery sessions Monday to Friday (term-time only), and follow the school term dates from Downview Primary School.

The opening hours shown below are effective from September 2019.

Our Morning & Lunch session includes an hour for your child to eat their lunch. You will need to send a healthy packed lunch in with your child. More information is available from the nursery staff.

Free Entitlement funding is available for 15 and 30 hour entitlement.

Session Availability

Day Morning & Lunch
08:30 – 12:30
12:30 – 15:30
Fees £18.00 £13.50
All day: £31.50

Starting Nursery

The first few weeks of nursery can be tiring for many children, as they are having to adapt to different routines and new environments. In a typical session, children have the opportunity to take part in multiple activities, including:

  • Talking about their interests
  • Counting and sorting
  • Playing on the climbing frame
  • Drawing, painting, and writing
  • Building and creating with crafts
  • Sand and water games
  • Play dough
  • Outside games and activities such as football and riding bikes & scooters
  • Dressing up and role play
  • Listening to and sharing stories
  • Singing and learning songs
  • Musical instruments

It is important that children have the option to rest at the end of the nursery session. If possible, allow time to discuss what they have done that day and what they have learned. Take time to ask open questions about activities they have done, but do not worry if your child is not forthcoming; they may take part in so many activities, there may be too much to recall.

Nursery Day

Doors open at either 8:30am for mornings, or 12:30pm for afternoons. Please bring your child in to the nursery via the left hand door (although a ramp is available if need-be), and hang up bags and coats on the peg with your child’s name and picture. You will need to sign your child in before entering the main nursery area, however a teacher is always available to assist. Once your child is settled, please leave via the door in the main nursery area to avoid congestion at the entrance.

Many parents donate a piece of fruit or dry snacks (e.g. breadsticks, crackers) at the beginning of each session, which are prepared and given out at snack time. Children may bring their own labelled drink bottle to nursery, however we do provide water and milk at snack time. Drinks brought in for your child should be suitable to remain at room temperature.

At the end of the day, please check your child’s drawer for any newsletters or artwork they have made that day. You can also take this time to look at your child’s learning journal, which records their development and achievements.