At Downview Nursery we recognise that finding a nursery to support your child’s learning and development can be a daunting task, and that trying to choose the right one can sometimes seem overwhelming. We aim to make this easier for you by having a thorough Local Offer in place for SEND pupils.

Downview Nursery fully understands that this can also be increased when trying to support a child with educational, behavioural or physical additional needs. Therefore the file below is a statement of intent of how Downview Nursery works in partnership with the child and their family in order to achieve the best outcomes for all.

From the very first call, Downview Nursery would like to reassure every family that reads this statement that we strive to be a very inclusive and supportive pre-school group.

Download and read the following information, call us, or come and see us. We hope that we can provide the best early years education your child deserves.

More information on West Sussex Local Offer’s can be found here.

Local Offer Click here to download our Local Offer


As an Early Years Provider, we hold information on children in order to:

  • Support their development
  • Monitor their progress
  • Provide appropriate pastoral care.
  • Assess how well we, as a Provider as a whole, are doing.

This information includes date of birth, contact details, attendance information, characteristics such as ethnic group, special educational needs, and any relevant medical information.

The Local Authority (LA) uses information about children for whom it provides services to carry out specific functions for which it is responsible. For example, the Local Authority will make an assessment of any special educational needs the child may have. The information is also kept and shared with West Sussex County Council and their Commissioned Partners for the purpose of claiming funding, but may be used for the wider purpose of planning services for children and families. It will also be shared with local health teams and partners to plan developmental checks for two year olds and will be shared with your local Children and Family Centre.

Should you have any queries regarding the information shared, please speak to a member of staff.