SMR Solicitors

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you may be aware, we have recently purchased two tablets for the nursery, which have proven to be very popular. We believe that the children would benefit from us increasing this number, and so we have been looking to fundraise to allow for this.

A parent of one of the children at nursery – Matthew Field (William’s dad) – has offered us a new opportunity to raise funds for the nursery. Matthew is a solicitor, and owns a firm in Chichester called SMR Solicitors. He regularly writes wills for charities, including (but not limited to) St. Wilfred’s Hospice and St. Richards Hospital Neonatal Unit, to assist them in fundraising.

Matthew has very kindly decided to offer this service to people connected with Downview Nursery, such as parents, grandparents, staff, and others at his discretion (he does have to make some money himself).

In return for the sum of £100 (100% of which is donated back to us), Matthew will provide you with a legal will, and you will be directly contributing to the purchasing of new equipment for the nursery.

Matthew may be contacted via the nursery, or you can phone him directly at his office in Selsey on 01243 602832.

Initially, the money raised will be used to purchase another two or three children’s tablets, and then afterwards other items which will benefit in their Early Years education.

As we are a registered charity, we rely on fundraising events and initiatives such as this to be able to afford new equipment.

Many thanks for your continued support.