We hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing half-term Holiday!

Summer Topics

During this term, we will be learning about farms, growing and farm animals culminating in the trip to Fishers Farm for the older children. We will be talking about their new school and transition to school. We will also be looking at the topic of the seaside, holidays and sea creatures.

Fishers Farm Trip

We will be visiting Fishers Farm by coach on Wednesday 21st June. This trip is for the older children who will be leaving for school this September. Thank you for those who have returned the completed consent form and payment. If you haven’t already done so and you would like to attend with your child then please return by Friday 9th June to enable us to book a minibus if needed.

Lunch Club

The Lunch Club has proven popular with parents and worked well so it has been decided to continue this and extend next term (Tuesday to Friday every day except Mondays). If your child is staying for lunch please provide a healthy balanced lunch including a drink (no fizzy or sweets) in a named lunch box / bag with a small ice pack to keep the contents fresh. Also, we are asking if parents make the pickup and drop off around lunch time as smooth as possible please pick up your child promptly at the end of a session as otherwise this may put the number of children higher than 24 which is the registered number with OFSTED. Thanking you for your understanding.

Messy Play

We encourage the children to enjoy messy sensory play as part of the learning environment, please encourage your child to wear suitable clothing, and please pop a spare set of clothing in their bag for messy accidents from water, etc. We always encourage children to wear aprons, however spills can still get on clothing.

Suntan Cream

Please ensure you apply suntan cream before your child arrives at nursery. Please supply a sunhat (with your child’s name on a label inside) every day, as the weather often can change. If your child is here all day we can reapply after lunch if you provide your child with named suntan cream in their bag.


We are asking children not to bring their own toys in to Nursery as this can cause problems with other children wanting to play with them or the high chance of them getting lost. Thanking you in your understanding.

Fruit Snacks & Healthy Eating

 We actively promote healthy eating in the Nursery in line with schools and the Early Years Foundation Stage. We are asking that if you able to, please could you donate fruit or vegetables for the children to share at snack time, e.g. apples, oranges, plums, grapes, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, etc. If possible please don’t bring too many bananas as these are ripening rather quickly and we are having to throw them away. Please bring a named water bottle containing water, as per common school practice, with your child’s name which they can access anytime. Many thanks!