Learning Journals celebrate your child’s differing experiences whilst attending Downview Nursery. Over a period of time it will tell a story about his or her learning and the experiences he or she enjoys sharing with others. During your child’s time at Downview we will watch, observe and take note of your child at play as it helps us to understand and support your child’s individual learning and development. We really get to know your child well and by observing in this way it allows us to really focus on your child’s ideas, interest and special skills and see them for the unique person they really are!

When a child attends Downview Nursery, he or she will be assigned a keyworker. Keyworkers will use learning journals to plan, record and keep up to date on your child’s development throughout their time at Downview. They will also value your contribution towards this document; therefore every  term a form will be sent home for you to record your child’s achievements within the home environment. Equally, if you wish to bring in photo’s drawings or anything you feel is important to your child and wish to share them with your child’s keyworker, then please do so, and they can also be recorded within the learning journal. When information is shared a clearer picture unfolds and together we can develop a more effective play plan to help and support your child’s learning and development. As a Parent/Carer you are welcome to look at your child’s learning journal at any time you wish.

The Learning Journal will include:

  • Photographs: the photo’s used will have captured a moment, or sequence of your child’s experiences, interests and explorations. Sometimes notes will be written next to the photos of things that were said at the time of the photo or scenarios outlining the context of the photo to help relay why It was thought to be of significance. Also, sometimes you child’s views will be noted down next to their photo, so that your child’s point of view is also celebrated.
  • Quick Observations: these will often be post-it notes of significant moments. They will often be a ‘snapshot’ note recording events as they happens.
  • Detailed Observations: these are more detailed observations where a member of staff will have sat and observed your child for a period of time (usually approx 10 mins) and recorded their likes, interests, and more specifically what has captured their imagination and concentration. this will then be passed to your child’s keyworker and will be used to help me plan a more rewarding and inviting environment for your child to explore.
  • Your child’s creations: these will usually photocopies of artwork, drawings or mark-making, or photo’s of exploration in messy / water / sand play, modelling creations or role-play experiences.

If you have any queries / comments regarding your child’s Learning Journal please do not hesitate to talk to a member of staff.


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