Dear Parents and Carers,

 In line with letters being sent to parents of children at the school, we would like to jointly remind everyone of some concerns that have been brought to our attention.

School Car Park

The school car park is strictly for school staff and visitors only. It should not be used at any time of the day for pickups or drop-offs.

Please remember to park considerately in the residential roads and avoid parking on the yellow zig-zags or blocking driveways.


Bikes & Scooters

Bikes and scooters should not be ridden through the school grounds, as this could result in a collision and cause injury.

Bikes and scooters should be taken home, or left in/by the designated bike/scooter park at the main school gate. Please do not leave them on or near our stairs or ramp as these are fire escape routes. Bikes and scooters are left at your own risk if you choose to leave them anywhere in the school grounds.


Nursery Playground

During pickup and drop-off, please do not allow your children to enter the nursery playground or climb on our fences.

Toys and equipment such as footballs are going missing, and this then costs us money to replace them – money which we would rather spend on new equipment, not replacing stolen/lost ones.

If anyone sees any children playing in our playground outside of sessions, please let a member of staff or committee know.

Many thanks for your cooperation and understanding on these matters.


Kind Regards

Downview Nursery Committee