To subscribe to the calendar so that your device automatically updates, follow the instructions below.

By default, the calendar is set to synchronise every six hours, but you can change this within your chosen device/app.

Firstly, click the ‘Subscribe’ button at the bottom of the calendar, which looks like this:


Once you select one of the options in the menu, your browser may request permission to launch an application or run a program. You should allow this so that the correct program on your device can handle the calendar subscription request.


Add to Google

Upon clicking the Google Calendar link, you will be taken to the Google Calendar site, and will be shown a message like the following:


Click ‘Yes, add this calendar‘ to add this to your calendars.

Ensure your device is set to sync Calendar for your Google account by going to Settings > Accounts > Google.



Add to Apple/iOS

Upon clicking the Apple Calendar link, you will be shown a message similar to this:

Click ‘Subscribe‘ to add the calendar to your phone.

Ensure your device is set to sync calendars.



Add to Microsoft Outlook

Upon clicking the Outlook link, Microsoft Outlook will open and show you a dialog similar to the following:


Click ‘Yes‘ to add the calendar. Outlook will now synchronise the calendar automatically.



Add to other apps/programs

You can still subscribe to this calendar manually by downloading the .ics (Internet Calendar Subscription) file and adding it to your chosen app/program.

Click the Subscribe button as shown at the top of this page, and select the ‘Add to other calendar’ option, as shown below:


Your device will download the .ics file, and you can then use it however you wish on your device or within your app/program.