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Downview Nursery is a nursery for children aged three-to-four, situated within the grounds of Downview Primary School in Felpham, Bognor Regis. We are a registered charity and operate as a parent-led committee-run nursery. Being parent-led enables you, the parent, to have an input on your child’s early years’ education.

We offer your child a safe and secure learning environment which is friendly, warm and welcoming to start them on their journey of learning and development. As a nursery we do not only welcome your child, but you as a parent as well. Our staff will always put your child’s educational needs first and foremost, but also recognise that you know your child better than anyone and will actively seek your views on your child’s learning and development too.

This is developed through child-led play, carefully planned activities, and through continuous parental feedback; all of which take into account the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum as well as the Early Years Outcomes of every individual child. At Downview Nursery, we recognise your child’s early years are a crucial stage of learning, and hope you will choose us to help you support your child reach their unique potential within their Early Years of growth and Development.

We welcome you to come and visit us with your child – we just ask that you give us a call or email first to arrange a day and time. This gives both of you the opportuntiy to look around and ask any questions, and also allows your child to experience the nursery and play with the staff and other children.

5/5 - Very Good